Need Power is a certified C-Bus installer. C-Bus Wireless is a Networked Control and Management System that provides an ideal solution for retrofitting Clipsal C-Bus technology into existing electrical installations. The C-Bus Wireless System uses air-born, Radio Frequency signals to communicate between units, therefore no data cable is required to enable C-Bus communication. C-Bus Wireless uses distributed intelligent control nodes and 128 bit encrypted two-way communications. C-Bus Wireless units work seamlessly with wired (twisted pair) C-Bus installations and support all current C-Bus key unit features and micro-functions.

Hager Certified Installer

Need Power is a certified Hager installer. Hager brand products form a fully intregrated system for the safe, efficient, and effective protection and control of electrical distribution systems in Domestic, Commercial and Light Industrial applications. The Hager consumer unit range is complemented by Distribution and Panelboards ensuring a comprehensive product solution whatever the application.

Test and Tagging of Electrical Equipment

From 1 July 1999, the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation required employers and self-employed people to ensure that specified electrical equipment used to perform certain work is inspected, tested and tagged by a competent person.

The introduction of the Electrical Safety Regulation in October 2002 transferred these requirements from the workplace health and safety to the electrical safety legislation.

Need Power has acquired the knowledge and skills that enable us to inspect and test electrical equipment. Competency is based on the knowledge and skills that are gained through training, experience and qualifications. Need Power is an accredited member of the National Electrical Contractors Association.

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2003 "In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment and the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002" outline the competencies required for inspecting and testing electrical equipment. These competencies are:

Need Power maintains records of electrical equipment inspections, who did them and how competency for that person was determined.